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A couple of weeks ago, a client of mine mentioned to me that he was looking up a domain name he was considering purchasing on Network Solutions. When he looked, he found out it was available. Then, a couple of days later he decided he wanted to buy that domain name, and he went to to make the purchase (because, domain names are cheaper there). He was surprised to find out that his domain name was not available!

Had I not been up-to-speed on what was going on, I’d have thought he was just mistaken. It turns out, however, that LOTS of people have had this same experience, enough times to where one knowledgeable Internet marketer has had enough and is going to do something about it. Chris McElroy has filed a class action suit against Network Solutions based on their behavior.

It’s interesting stuff – every new technology that has ever been invented throughout history has been plagued by “scammers” who want to short-cut the system for their own benefit. Kudos to Chris for standing up for what’s right and pointing out that not only is this an unfair business practice on the part of Network Solutions, it’s an invasion of privacy. Way to go, Chris!

Read more about the class action lawsuit here.

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