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You already know that blogging can be a really great way to promote your business, but did you realize that you can also build up an entire community around your blogging? Many popular bloggers have already done this and if you go about it right, you can have a good following, with lots of comments on your blogs, as well. The more comfortable people feel talking on your blog, the more they will link to you and bring in friends and the more everyone can share.

Tips for Building a Blogging Community

  • Encourage people to leave comments. End your post with something like “What are your organization tips?”
  • Ask for help. People love to help others and share their opinion, so by asking them for help with something you are struggling with, you will get them involved in your blogging community.
  • Link to other bloggers. This will help expand your circle of friends to include other bloggers, who may link back to you and create a network.

Building a blogging community can be a great way to get people to start recommending you to friends. Your business can only grow with more visitors to your blog and you will really begin to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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