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SEO is the best free method of boosting your search engine rankings. By simply using some tried and true SEO techniques, you can move up in the search engines and gain more traffic, which can hopefully be converted into sales. Apart from just using your keywords in the titles and throughout your webpages, what can you do?

Use titles for links. Your links can have titles and using keywords in these is an excellent method of boosting the SEO on your business website.

Use bold type.
Occasionally, put one of your keywords or phrases in bold type to help it stand out to both readers and the search engine robots. They will see the keywords as being more important because of this SEO technique. Just don´t do all keywords in bold.

Deep linking.
Rather than have all incoming links go to your homepage, aim to have many go to specific articles or other pages on your business website. This indicates to the search engines that your entire website is of value.

Switch up your anchor text. When choosing your anchor text, be sure that it doesn´t all read the same. For example, if your keywords are “work at home moms”, you would want to mix the anchor text up and use things like “wahms”, “work at home mothers” “moms who work at home”, etc. This will indicate to the search bots that you aren´t forcing people to use the same anchor text.

Good SEO techniques will help your business website rise up in the ranks of the search engines, something that will bring you more clients in the long run. It´s worth the taking the extra time to make your website as search engine friendly as possible.

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