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There are a lot of ways to network online, but some are more effective than others. For example, networking with bloggers can have great consequences. You probably have a few blogs that you read frequently, related to business marketing or even your particular industry. Networking with these bloggers is a great way to get your business in the public eye.

Comments. Leaving a good comment can take some time, but if you actually add something to the conversation on someone´s blog, they will take notice of you. This can develop into a mutual relationship and you can end up getting links and advice from the blogger.

Emails. Just shoot the blogger a quick email to let them know that you appreciate their writing or to ask a question. Some bloggers are very busy and get hundreds of emails every day, so they simply can´t answer every single one, but if you make your email interesting, you have a good chance of establishing a relationship.

Links. If you have your own blog, linking out to other bloggers is a great way to network and build a relationship. Often you will get a link back, as well, if your blog is of high quality. Email the blogger to ask them if they will do you the favor of being featured on your blog and you´ll find that they will often say yes.

between bloggers is very common and even if you don´t have your own blog, you can tap into that and end up getting more publicity for your own business. Try it. It´s fun and an easy method of making new friends.

Guest posts. Whether you invite another blogger to write for your blog or you offer to write for them, exchanging articles and ideas cna be the ideal method of networking.

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