co Business Writing Still Applies in Email Marketing |

Remember back in school when you had to learn how to write a letter? There was a nice, neat formula that you followed to do a proper business letter . . . business writing skills were valued. Now, many people have abandoned these practices in email marketing and write like they are shooting off a text message to a friend. Online business writing can still be formal and should be respectful of the people you are talking to.

Things to Avoid in Business Writing for Email Marketing

  • Don´t use smiley faces or fun animated icons. These convey a very unprofessional tone to your client or business partner.
  • Start your email with a formal greeting. Don´t just begin with “hey”, remember your business writing education and begin with “Dear Mr. Lann” or something equally formal.
  • End formally. This is pretty basic business writing, but most people forget it in email marketing. Using something like “Sincerely” gives a more professional impression than “Talk to you later”.
  • Have all 3 parts included. Remember those? The Introduction, Body and Summary? Following these rules for your emails will make them nice and easy for your business correspondents to read.
  • Avoid using slang. Using words like “cool”, “awesome” and the like will not only date you, they will cause your client to think that you are not very professional. Use proper English and grammar to create a good impression.

Business writing is still a good idea. Exercise it when you are doing your email marketing to ensure that you have the best results and come across as a real professonal.