co Should Podcasts Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy? |

Podcasts can provide your customers and website visitors with more value when they visit your site. But not every business is suited to podcasts, right? Well, you could actually turn any business into podcast material, if you know how to spin it!

Let´s say that you are a florist . . . you could easily do podcasts on how to choose the right flowers for special occasions, the meanings of flowers, how to care for your cut flowers, the advantages of live vs. cut, the possibilities are endless. What you need to do is put yourself in the mindset of your customer and then record information they can use to use your services or products better.

The advantage of podcasts is that people tend to subscribe to them (via iTunes or another distribution method), so you have repeated chances to get your marketing message to them, a big advantage, no matter what your industry. However, podcasts shouldn´t be pure advertisements. It´s fine to mention your business or website throughout the podcast, but keep it in context, otherwise give a little “ad” at the end of the episode.

People like newer mediums of communication like video and podcasts, so bring your business up to date by adding in a podcast or two. You can do them on a regular basis, if you like, or just whenever you have something valuable to say. Your visitors and clients will appreciate the additional information.