co SEO Mistakes That Could Be Dragging You Down |

SEO or search engine optimization is something that every small business needs to think about. You want to rank well for your keywords and get lots of search engine traffic to your business site, but often it just seems too complicated. You try and try, adding new content, revising your articles to make sure your keywords are prominent . . . but still end up on the 27th page of Google search results! There might be a good reason for this, you could be making a common SEO mistake that keeps your site in the bottom.

Using too many keywords. SEO works best if all your webpages are based around a small number of keywords. You´ll get the absolute best results by sticking to just one, but up to three is usually fine for a small business website.

Using general or overly popular keywords. Trying to get number one for “earn money online” is virtually impossible. There are many keywords that are like this . . . they simply have too much competition to make SEO a good idea. To find better keywords, look for ones that have fewer than 50,000 results when typed in quotations into Google. You can also use tools like Wordtracker (free trial works well) to get an idea of demand. Obviously you don´t want to end up with a keyword that has no competition, but no visitors either!

Using JavaScript. The search engine spiders can´t read JavaScript, so try to stick with regular code if you want the best SEO results. Making it easy for the spiders to check out your site will result in higher ranking.

Poor SEO titles. The page and article titles need to include your main keywords if you want to rank well. Also, have relevant information within the first 60 characters, so the search engines will put this information in the search results.

While you may not rank number one for a while yet, you can certainly move up in the search results by tweaking your SEO a little. It´s something that we often work on very hard, but if you are making these mistakes, it´s quite likely you never even realized it!