co PR Tips for Small Business: Build a Relationship with the Press |

PR is especially vital for small businesses because often they don´t yet have the brand to maintain a steady stream of clients coming in. However, doing a little PR once in a while isn´t exactly going to bring you a massive amount of traffic. In order to really make it effective, you´ll need to keep your business in the public eye on a continuous basis. One way to do that is to build a relationship with the press.

You should be sending out press releases at least three or more times a year. Each time you do so, you are asking the press to help you out and give you some of their precious space. If you maintain a good relationship with someone influential in the media, you have a far better chance of getting your press releases and even interviews accepted.

It´s usually a good idea to foster at least a couple of relationships. You´ll want one with the local newspaper and perhaps the local radio or cable station as well as an online medium. Rather than just send off a press release or announcement, strike up a conversation. If the editor publishes something on your business, send him or her a thank you card. Be appreciative and they will be happy to do more.

While you don´t want to be a pest, writing or speaking with your contacts outside of PR related things can be quite beneficial. You are able to build a better relationship and they won´t feel that the only reason you speak with them is to get free publicity. In some cases, these PR relationships can even turn into something more . . . a friendship.