co Online Networking via Social Media: How Much is Too Much? |

Online networking has become so much easier with the advent of social media. You can now check in with your online friends and associates in just a few clicks and send them all information or links without much trouble. At least, that´s the idea.

How often have you found yourself browsing profiles on Facebook or just Stumbling interesting pages on your favorite hobby? Social media can be a big waste of time if you aren´t careful! In fact, when you don´t pace yourself, you could end up spending more time on social media than you do on actually running your business, something that is never good.

So how much is too much when it comes to networking via social media? Well, you should be able to make the rounds of all your favorite sites once a day. If you are bookmarking your own content, go ahead and do that, then bookmark a site or two from four or five friends on each networking site. You should also try to bookmark several non-related sites each day as well. While the amount of time that this takes will depend on whether you are just getting started and on how many social media sites you frequent.

A good way to avoid spending too much time on social media sites is to set up a schedule. Decide if you are going to hit all sites every day or if you will just do one or two per day. Then set up a time limit for yourself (it may even help to use an egg timer) and limit your networking to no more than 15-20 min. per day. Social media is good . . . but in moderation.