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Email marketing is something that every successful internet marketer uses, but it can be just as useful for those who are running an offline business with online publicity. Offering a newsletter or even just updates will help keep your business fresh in people´s minds . . . but how do you get people to sign up in the first place?

Many businesses give up on the idea of email marketing because they only have five or ten people on their list and feel that it just isn´t working for them. Growing your list is important, but don´t forget that every subscriber is important and a potential client. Now, for some tips on how to get more subscribers.

  • Offer freebies. A very common email marketing technique is to offer a free ebook or report or some other little gift to anyone who subscribes to your email.
  • Get the word out. You can offer an extra freebie if people give you the email addresses of a couple of friends. Then send these friends a message letting them know that someone thought they would enjoy receiving your newsletter and have them opt-in.
  • Article marketing. Yes, article marketing can be used to help you gain subscribers for your email marketing campaigns. Include a link to your sign up page instead of just the website in your resource box.

Email marketing can be a great way to stay in touch with people who are interested in your business. It can take a while to build up a decent sized list, but even sending an email out to ten or fifteen subscribers at a time is still good publicity, so don´t give up if your list is still small!

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