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Online businesses often have the problem of proving that they are real. It´s pretty simple for anyone to set up a professional looking website and claim to be a business . . . so you need to make yours stand out by branding it. Online branding techniques take a bit of work, just like real world ones do, but you will find it is worth the effort.

Online Branding Techniques

  • Offer tutorials. Giving people easy to follow instructions on how to do something not only increases the probability of getting your website bookmarked, it also proves that you know what you´re doing, an important part of branding.
  • Follow up on contacts. Any time anyone visits your site and makes a purchase or signs up for updates, be sure to follow up on that. They´ve taken the iniciative and shown an interest in what you have to offer . . . it´s up to you to make that work for you. Email newsletters, updates and coupons are all great ways to follow up.
  • Consistent design. I know I´ve talked about this before, but it is so important that you have the same logo, design and even fonts and text colors on everything that has to do with your business. Even online.
  • Use testimonials. Getting your happy customers to talk about you is a great way to brand your business online. People respect testimonials, so whenever someone says that they are happy with you, ask if you can reprint that on your website.
  • Online branding is a bit different from offline in that you have more opportunities to get your name out there for free or at least very low cost. But following the same guidelines as for offline branding is still a good idea, since the principles hold true for both types of branding.

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