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Do you have an online business? Use pay per click and other online advertising methods? Then you are probably ready to branch out into the world of offline advertising for online benefits.

That´s right, advertising outside of the internet can be excellent for your online business. There are still people out there who look to traditional print materials like newspapers and magazines for their daily info input and by advertising to this market, you can reach people who might not normally look for you online, but who will be sufficiently curious to go ahead and look your URL up once they have read about you in print.

You´re probably thinking that offline PR can get pretty expensive and this is very true. That´s where press releases come in. Newspapers, radios and local television stations need content. If you have something newsworthy to report, chances are you can get it into several local media types and get quite a bit of publicity. If this happens, you definitely want to make sure that you´ve got an easy to remember website address, so people can hear it on the radio and then remember it to look you up online.

Offline PR helps you reach a market that might want more information about you but simply isn´t into using the internet to research. However, when given your URL, most people are likely to look for you online, if they are interested in your product or service. So, why not try a little Offline PR?

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