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There has been some discussion in the comments lately about using widgets as a form of SEO and PR. While I´m not an expert in the area, I can definitely tell you that widgets are a great idea and a very good method of creating backlinks. Here is the definition, according to ByteSurgery:

Widgets are standalone application containers that can be shared between users. Typically embedded within another application or web page to distribute information, provide an interface to a larger application or for branding purposes.

Common examples of popular widgets include Facebook Applications, Google Desktop Gadgets, sidebar badges, YouTube embeds and news or weather tickers. Many widgets read their data in from the internet using standard data feeds which are often provided with an API key to perform requests.

You see widgets used all over the place to boost SEO and brand recognition. I´m sure you´ve added a widget or two to your own blog or website at some point, most people have. Whether you use something like BlogRush or any other community widget to your blog, you are giving these companies links. It´s a very useful method of getting one way links, and a lot of them. But there are a few things to keep in mind when you create your widget.

  • Make it useful. A widget that doesn´t really add any value to someone else´s website won´t get used.
  • Offer color options. A lot of people won´t use a widget that clashes with their blog design, so offering different colors will help your widget get used more, also boosting your SEO.
  • Make it work. If you don´t know anything about code, hire someone else to do the job. This isn´t a good place to be cobbling things together from assorted articles that you´ve read. A non-working widget won´t bring you any SEO traffic!

A good widget that offers some quality and usefulness to other people´s websites will be used often and is not only great PR, but will provide the backlinks to boost your SEO and help you move up in the search engines.

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