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Domain names can be a great way to boost your SEO. If you take a look at any particular search in Google, the first several results usually have their keywords in the domain name . . . and this is no accident. If you know which keywords are strongest for your website, you can try and get a domain name that includes them. However, with many people buying domains on spec, to resell later, it can be difficult to get your first choice.

In general, you should try to get a .com domain name, not for SEO purposes but because people tend to remember .com easier. Also a domain name that terminates in .com is usually regarded as more professional than a .net or .info. In worst case scenarios, you can go with a different domain suffix, but there are other ways to get a domain name that works for your business and boosts SEO.

Using your business name in conjunction with a keyword can be a good way to get what you want. If your business is a hair salon called Hair Love, you might try something like HairLoveSalon, ChicagoHairLove, etc. The trick is to find something with your keywords that doesn´t run too long. The experts say that three words is the maximum, but occasionally you may need to use four.

The key is to have a domain name that people will remember. Using a lot of initials and random numbers can really confuse folks, so try to keep it to real words, or at least your business name. For example, if you call your business ABC Tutors, it would be fine to use those letters. That way, if someone is looking for you in particular, the chances of your site popping up first in the search is very high, especially if you use SEO techniques to keep your name prominent on your website as well.

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