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Graphic design is something that has long been hailed as THE method of branding your business. Good graphic design is certainly effective, but there are so many poor examples of it out there that it´s hard to see why it works. That might be partly due to our perception of what constitutes great graphics.

André at Small Business Branding offers a little insight into why graphic design is one of the worst methods of branding these days.

Businesses think nothing of letting the secretarial staff design their materials. This is not the case however if they need legal work done. The books are not handled by the janitor, they have an accountancy handle it and rightly so. Many pass off the in-house design as a way to cut costs. What they fail to see and apparently forget from business 101, is that marketing should communicate their brand message and differentiate them – NOT something that must be accomplished for peanuts, by anyone who knows there way around photoshop. The computer industry defines this nicely – Garbage in, garbage out. Garbage doesn’t make you money. The sad thing is, the lack of response to these amateur materials only strengthens businesses belief that marketing is at best a crap shoot, and the first things to cut in a slow economy.

Branding and marketing are two of the most important things you can do for your business. Without branding, you will have to struggle to bring in new customers every time you make a sale. Graphic design, when done properly, can create an image that people will remember and think of whenever they need your products or services.

As André´s post points out, it is well worth spending some real money on a professional graphic design artist, but you will need to hunt for one who actually knows what he´s doing. Otherwise, you´ll end up with graphics for your ads that just don´t convert and actually look bad. If good graphic design can catch people´s attention and draw them to your business, what does bad graphic design do? It´s worth thinking about the next time you start to hand off that graphic design job to your secretary.

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