co Build Social Media Relationships for Better Publicity |

Social media is something that more and more small businesses are getting into as a way of getting publicity. You do need to be careful, though, because social media sites are just that, social. They don´t appreciate blatant ads and marketing schemes designed to trick unsuspecting victims into visiting your website. Not to mention, if you get visitors by trickery, they won´t be buying from you anyway.

The best way to use social media is to add some value while subtly promoting your own site. And the best way to add value and become an active member is to build some relationships on the social media sites that you frequent. All of these websites give you the ability to add friends that you can then share links with.

Look for people who have similar interests and add some of them as your friends. Don´t spam, though, because this can get you kicked out of social media sites! Instead, when you are reading the front page of Digg, or using StumbleUpon to find new sites, note who submitted the ones that you are interested in. Then add those people as your social media friends.

As you build up a network of friends on two or three social media sites, you´ll want to make sure you encourage them to check out your links. Do this by occasionally sending them a message with a link to a page you think they would enjoy. Don´t make this your own site all the time, use various websites that you find interesting.

Another good technique is to stumble or digg the websites of your friends and their links. Leave comments, and in general, be an active social media user. This is the best way to prevent banning and to get the utmost promotion value for your own websites. As you continue to build relationships, you´ll notice that people are bookmarking and rating your site more and leaving comments as well. It´s a great way to get some free advertising.