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Getting links coming in from other websites is a great SEO strategy. The more backlinks you get, the higher you will tend to rank in the search engines, meaning more organic visitors and less paid advertising. There are lots of ways of getting backlinks, but let´s take a look at a few of the ways you can get other people to link to your business site.

Hold a contest. Running a contest on your website is a great SEO technique to get plenty of links. First, make sure to send out a press release to all contest websites and blogs and get your site listed in directories. Many of these blogs and sites will link to you, giving you great one way links.

Comment on blogs. You don´t have to run your own blog to leave comments on one. Use Google Alerts to let you know when relevant blog posts come up so you can comment on them. You will catch the blogger´s eye more if you leave interesting comments that add to the conversation and you´ll find that more people will click on your link if you are among the first few to comment. And, if they like you and your business, you´ll end up with links from all over the place.

Write articles. Writing articles for article directories, other websites or ezines can be an excellent way to get both publicity and links. Include your URL in the bio part of the article and you can end up with some pretty high quality backlinks. This is an SEO technique that the big businesses use, too.

Network. There´s no rule saying you should only go after links from the big websites out there. They were all rookies at some point, so don´t be afraid to network with other online businesses that are at your level, or even below. Those relationships can turn into something extremely valuable later once they´ve grown. Then the links you´ve built up with them will be worth far more in terms of SEO.

SEO consists of a large number of methods and techniques to make your search engine more attractive to the search engines. If you´re interested in learning more, sign up to attend my talk on SEO at eWomenNetwork.

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