co PPC is an Affordable Advertising Option for Small Businesses |

PPC or Pay Per Click is very affordable way for small businesses to advertise. You can set the amount you can afford to spend each day, be that fifty cents or fifty dollars and your ad will stop showing once you have hit that amount. It can be a great method of gaining targeted traffic to your business website . . . if you use it correctly.

The way you craft your PPC ads will directly affect how targeted your traffic is. You want to use your keywords in the title of the ad, but clarify in the next two lines. This helps ensure that people aren´t mislead. When someone is looking for discount children´s books and you don´t specify that you offer used textbooks on your website, you´ll end up paying for clicks that are completely useless.

There is a fine line between enticing visitors to your site and making sure they understand what exactly you are offering. If you are on a tight budget, you really can´t afford to have people clicking on your ads and then realizing that you aren´t what they want! It may seem overboard, but it can really be worth it to hire a copywriter to write three or four PPC ads that you can then test and tweak. The cost is worth it, if you aren´t great at copywriting yourself, as you´ll avoid many useless PPC leads.

PPC is a good method for small businesses on a budget to get the word out. This is one arena where you can compete with the big dogs and still come out on top.

Caroline Melberg
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