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Email marketing has become a dirty word these days, with all the spam that fills our inboxes. However, when used effectively, email marketing can actually help you form a relationship with your readers, making them more open to what you have to say and giving you a willing client base.

Email Marketing Tips to Build a Relationship with Readers

Be friendly. There´s nothing more off-putting than an email newsletter that reads like a Nobel Prize paper. Write like you talk and your subscribers will feel like they are actually getting to know you, rather than an encyclopedia.

Provide useful information. Avoid turning your newsletter into an email marketing gimmick. Sure, you want to make money, we all do, but that doesn´t mean you can´t give something back! Offer your readers great info that they can actually put to use and they´ll keep reading.

Appreciate your subscribers. Remember, these people cared enough to give you their email addresses and open your emails to see what you have to say each week (or however often you send out emails) and you should reward that. Offer them a discount that only subscribers receive, or a free ebook, above and beyond your sign up offer. They´ll like you that much more.

Interact with readers. Ask them questions. When someone emails you with a concern or a question, get permission to share it and the answer with everyone on your list. You´ll be helping people out and showing that you are someone personable and interested in your readers.

Don´t think of your email marketing as just a method to sell. It is a very valuable method of bonding with your readers, something that can be far more valuable in the long run. Word of mouth advertising is one of the best methods to promote your business and if you have a great relationship with your subscribers, guess who will be talking you up?

Caroline Melberg
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