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In any business, the key to looking good and making a great impression is knowing what you´re talking about. Understanding the terminology used in internet marketing can really help you when you speak with others about it, as well as when you are reading information about internet marketing, such as on this blog.

You are probably familiar with the more common internet marketing terms like ebook, HTML and keywords, but do you know what Javascript is? Or hypertext? What about ISP? And how do these words relate to what you´re doing with your business? Internet marketing appears simple on the outside, but there are many facets to this marketing style and it´s worth knowing what you´re talking about before you get started.

It can be difficult to put techniques that you read about to work for your business if you don´t get what many of the words mean. You really need to have a firm grasp of internet marketing terminology, or a place to look words up, where they will be explained in plain English.

I´ve put together a marketing glossary on my website that you might find useful. Whenever you´re struggling to find the right word to use in your internet marketing ventures, you can just check the glossary to find the perfect word. I hope you will find this glossary useful.

Caroline Melberg
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