co Internet Marketing: Increase Your Conversion Rates |

All the internet marketing in the world won´t help your small business if you don´t get decent conversion rates, that is, people actually buying what you are selling or taking another action that you want them to take. Your small business website needs to convert visitors in order to turn a profit and if you are just getting started in internet marketing, that may seem very difficult to do.

Basically, what you need to do is simplify your website. Internet marketing works best when it is obvious and straightforward what you want your visitors to do. If you want them to buy, put a big button that says “Buy Now”, if you want them to click on a link use the words “Click Here”. You´ll be amazed at how much this simple technique can raise your conversion rate.

Don´t be afraid to tell your visitors what to do. If you beat around the bush and are vague about the action they need to take or give them too many options, your conversions will go down. Your visitors will be confused by your internet marketing tactics and will rapidly lose interest in your website. So go ahead and make yourself clear, your internet marketing will pay off far better.

Caroline Melberg
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