co Video Marketing: Use Tutorials to Build Traffic |

Video marketing is one method of catching people´s eye when they pause on your site. With just seconds to get their attention, you want something interesting and useful. Video tutorials fit the bill perfectly.

You can create a video tutorial on just about anything, making video marketing ideal for connecting with readers and building up your popularity, drawing more traffic to your website. Pretty much any niche website could use a video to add some interest.

When planning your video marketing campaign, don´t forget to add social media into the mix. You´ll want to bookmark your tutorial on the major social media sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and the like. This will help you gain traffic from these sites and if your tutorial is done well, you´ll end up with plenty more bookmarks and even more traffic.

The trick to doing video marketing in a manner that will boost traffic is to create a video that is of high quality and that offers some real information. Don´t make it an ad, make it something that helps your visitors and they will be happy to tell their friends about it. Adding some humor can help your video tutorial go viral, but if you aren´t a funny person by nature, it´s best not to try. Just focus on making the video interesting and useful.

Caroline Melberg
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