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Setting up a blog for your business could be just what you need to gain more exposure and build up a good following. Blogging has been used to boost business reputations for years now and blogs are no longer considered online journals kept by geeks and lonely housewives, though there are quite a few of those, as well.

While blogging could be an excellent way to draw some positive attention to your small business, it also requires a lot of work. The best blogs are those that post fairly frequently, usually on a daily basis, which can be a very difficult pace to keep up. Perhaps the best way to deal with this problem is to simply hire a ghostwriter who can write the posts for you, as often as you like. Or, hire a freelance writer to write up 50-100 short articles based on your keywords and set them up yourself on the blog. This requires a one-time investment and you´ll have several months worth of posts.

Whether you choose to write your own blog posts or hire a ghostwriter, the fact remains that blogging is a very useful method of building a busienss following. Make sure to offer RSS subscriptions and capture email addresses with an opt-in list to get the best results.

Caroline Melberg
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