co Small Business Internet Marketing: Don´t Fall for Link Building Scams |

Most small business internet marketing websites say the same thing, you need to build links in order to achieve a high ranking on the search engines. Incoming links make your website more valuable to the likes of Google and Yahoo and link building is a very worthwhile venture. However, there are lots of link building scams out there that seem legit. You really have to be careful, as this post from Internet Marketing in Nottingham points out.

* they are using software that scans through the web, scraping up random email addresses to generate link requests. Fundamentally you are paying the SEO to generate email spam that harm’s your company’s good reputation
* you are actually paying them your hard earned cash to get utterly irrelevant websites to link to your site
* they are probably getting links from sites that are never going to generate a single click or enquiry to your site
* they are getting links on “Links” pages that have dozens or even hundreds of other random company links
* and you are certainly going to do more good linking to them then you are ever going to get in the link back

It pays to be careful with your small business internet marketing site. Creating links can be helpful, but only if you do it right. Take the time to check out the business that is offering to give you links, or, better yet, take the time to connect with other sites and to provide high quality content to get natural links!