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Though not as common these days, there was a time when the internet was flooded with gaudy websites that featured a mish mash of colors that fried your eyeballs and weird designs. Unfortunately, many business websites haven´t quite made it up to the present with their graphic design and are still eyesores.

A website that is difficult to look at or read is one that no one will come back to. Why would they, with so many other options out there? Here are a few graphic design tips to make sure that your website is easy to read and keep your clients coming back.

  • Choose a color scheme that works. Go with complimentary colors rather than opposites that are hard on the eyes.
  • Forget the fancy effects unless that is vital to your business presentation. Your graphic design should be clean and neat, without a lot of clutter.
  • Go with dark on light for text. There are a lot of website templates now that have white or gray lettering on a black background. While they may look classy, the truth is that this is really hard to read. Try it for yourself, read a whole article this way and you´ll quickly see how annoying it is.
  • Watch the flashing banners. For some, graphic design means incorporating a bunch of blinking ads and banners into the website. While this may get people´s attention at first, it also distracts from your business.
  • Separate the graphic design elements. Your sidebar and header should be neatly separated from the body of the website for a more soothing effect. Most people like to look at things that are neatly divided, so use different colors or lines to get your point across.

Graphic design can really make or break a site, make sure it´s not ruining your business reputation!

Caroline Melberg
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