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People who have bought from you previously could be your best clients in the future . . . it all depends on how you handle them. Email marketing offers the best way to stay in touch with those who have previously bought, whether online or off.

In general, repeat customers are those who bought from you or used your service and were satisfied. We are creatures of habit, so rather than looking for another place to go, most people will return to you to buy similar products. They already trust you to take care of them and provide them with what they need, so it´s just a matter of giving them the opportunity to buy from you again. Email marketing allows you to stay in touch with these people, maintaining that level of trust and keeping them abreast of new developments.

If you have a product that runs out and needs to be bought again and again, like shaving cream or batteries, people will automatically return to you. However, if you have a product that tends to last, like a computer or software, you will need to give folks a reason to return, hence the email marketing list. A few ideas:

Create a companion product. For example, if you sell backpacks, you might sell an attachable water bottle holder, or a waterproof bag for delicate items.

Sell an upgrade. Software is ideal for this. An upgrade should cost less than the actual product, but still give plenty of value.

Offer affiliate products. You may not have an extensive product line, so look for affiliate products that go well with your items and promote those to existing clients.

Whether you have a reusable product or not, you should get customer emails so you can stay in touch with them. A good email marketing technique to boost sales is to move those who buy from you onto a separate mailing list so you can send them special offers that non-buyers won´t receive. This creates an extra bond and should also boost sales.

Caroline Melberg
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