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Email marketing for small business is a very good idea. It´s estimated that the average person needs to see an ad or hear about a product roughly 7.5 times before they are ready to actually buy. Email marketing allows you connect with visitors over and over again, with each contact helping move them closer to buying your product.

The problem is that email marketing can be very time consuming. Email marketing for small business is vital, but you need to find ways to save time so it´s actually feasible. A few ideas on how to keep the time investment to a minimum:

  • Use a template. Rather than trying to figure out how to format your email newsletter each time, just fill in the template.
  • Write several articles at once. When the inspiration hits, write more. You´ll save time over trying to come up with something new each time your email goes out.
  • Consider hiring a ghostwriter. Getting someone else to write the articles really frees you up to plan email marketing for small business campaigns.

Each of these tips will help you save quite a bit of time. Email marketing for small business can become a very useful part of your marketing plan if you use it correctly. The opportunity to stay in touch with clients and potential clients is one that should not be missed.

Caroline Melberg
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