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Using social media is a great way to build links and interest in your business website, but unless you are using it properly, you probably won´t draw much attention. The businesses that benefit most from social media are those who know how to make it work for them. It takes some effort to really establish your profile on sites like StumbleUpon and Digg, but once you have a high quality profile, your votes will generate more publicity than ever for your business.

How to Create a Great Social Media Profile

Fill in everything. Don´t leave your profile info blank, people want to know who you are and why you like the sites you do.

Upload a photo. It doesn´t necessarily have to be your photo, you could use a graphic for your business, if you like, but having a blank profile photo won´t win you any popularity contests. People come to recognize your “brand” when you discover new websites.

Make friends. A lonely social media profile is a useless one. Having friends on social media sites means more people will vote for your content and boost your site´s popularity.

Vote, vote, vote. Staying active on each social media site that you sign up for is the best way to develop a good profile. Make sure you vote for sites that your friends nominate and nominate new sites frequently.

Watch the quality.
Don´t vote for any old website or blog. You want to develop a quality profile, so vote for quality content and people will come to trust your taste.

It takes some time to establish a social media profile, but it is worth all the hard work. Once you have a great profile established, you just need to maintain it and everything you vote for will tend to go through the roof, if you´ve done things right.

Caroline Melberg
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