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Many small businesses don´t think too much about podcasts, focusing instead on their website and SEO. However, while these things are still the most important, a small business podcast can help boost your company. There are several ways to do a small business podcast.

Small Business Podcast Options

Small Business Conference Podcast
The next time you have a brainstorming session or hold a small conference, record it and offer the recording as a podcast to your website visitors. This will give them a reason to visit your site, plus, it offers extra value to anyone who stops by your website. You can even stage a conference specifically for the purpose of giving your clients more information about your product or service.

Regular Informational Podcasts
Offering a weekly or bi-weekly small business podcast that focuses specifically on informing your clients is a good method of gaining more visitors. Make your small business podcast available on other people´s websites and blogs or places like iTunes to gain even more exposure. You´ll find that people who would have never normally found your website will be learning about your business.

Small Business Podcast Interviews

Doing interviews with top people in your industry can be a great way to offer high value content to your clients as well as pulling in more attention. People will link to you if you have an exclusive interview with the biggest name in town!

Small business podcasts
let you communicate ideas that wouldn´t convert well to text and are a wonderful manner to create a bond with your clients. Hearing someone´s voice makes for a very different experience than simply reading an article they´ve written. So, if you haven´t thought about it already, why not consider doing a small business podcast and expanding your business reach a little?

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