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We´ve all heard about viral marketing, but if you find yourself thinking that it´s something only big companies can do, with their massive marketing power, you´re wrong. In fact, viral marketing is something that works even better for small business. All you need is a good idea, and, as I´ll show you in a moment, you don´t even have to think that good idea up yourself!

One of the best forms of viral marketing is an ebook. Giving away an ebook and allowing others to do the same, as long as the links to your site stay intact, is a great way to go viral. Viral marketing isn´t automatic, though. You will need a product that offers people a solution to a problem. It has to be of value, or no one will bother passing it on.

A very good example of viral marketing that is going on right now is the Bloggerproof Workout that is circulating the internet. This is a very simple ebook of just 7 pages, that solves a common problem (blogger butt) with a unique twist (chair lifts and other interesting, computer-related exercises). The writer allows everyone to give his book away as is, with links back to his website on every page. And this ebook has got everyone buzzing about it.

So, as you can see, you don´t need a 500 page ebook or anything, just a unique idea or useful content. The best part is, if you aren´t great at coming up with ideas, that other people are already telling you what to write. Just pop over to Yahoo Answers and type in your industry to find out what people want to know. Pick a few questions, write an answer and publish it as an ebook and you´re ready to go! Just make sure it´s a common enough problem that everyone will want to read your ebook. Then let people give it away to their website readers and friends. Upload it to bit torrents and within a week, you will have viral marketing at its best!

Caroline Melberg
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