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Whether you already have a small business blog or are just thinking about starting one up, there are a few ways to make it an authority blog. That is, a place where people will come for the best information on your topic. This is a great way to start branding yourself as an expert in your field, as well.

Tip One
Post frequently. By offering lots of great content on your small business blog, people will be encouraged to keep coming back or to subscribe so they don´t miss anything.

Tip Two
Don´t spam your site with ads. A blog that is just packed with AdSense looks cheap and spammy. It´s obvious that the only thing you´re thinking about is money, so watch the number of ads you place on your small business blog. You don´t want to be branding yourself as cheap.

Tip Three
Get a professional blog theme. Your small business blog may be simple, but that doesn´t mean it can´t look sharp. It´s worth investing a bit of money in having a unique theme designed for you that incorporates your business logo, again, all part of branding!

Tip Four
Get your own domain name. If you host on Blogger, your small business blog will look pretty pathetic. Getting your own domain name and hosting doesn´t cost much and does wonders for creating that authority blog look.

Tip Five
Link out. Linking to other blogs will let bloggers know that you exist and if you are writing great content, they will start linking back to you. This helps with branding, too.

Following these tips will help your small business blog turn into an authority blog on your expertise. Branding yourself as an expert in the industry that you work can only help grow your business and blogging makes this very easy to do.

Caroline Melberg
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