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Every small business needs a social media strategy. If you don´t have one yet, then this is the perfect time to create your social media strategy for 2008.


The “SEO value proposition” of social media is that you get your message out to communities and individuals entrenched in an innovative online environment. You become a part of the community which understands online relationships; and that community brings forth new connections, networks and inbound link opportunities.

Social media is a part of internet marketing that is becoming more and more important and valuable. It´s not just a bunch of college kids sharing silly photos, though there is still a fair amount of this going on. Now, businesses and consumers are using social media as a business medium.

Things to keep in mind when planning your social media strategy:

Set a time limit. You can get lost in the depths of Sphinn or Zuggu . . . so set a timer and make sure you limit yourself to only 15-30 minutes of social media a day.

Promote others. Don´t just promote your own business blog or website on social media sites. You should have a well-rounded profile, with plenty of other websites bookmarked. A ration of 7/1 is a good rule of thumb.

Stay appropriate. Not all social media sites welcome all types of content. Some are niche communities and you´ll just be spamming if you add inappropriate links.

Make friends. Your friends network is the biggest advantage to social media. Otherwise, your vote is just a drop in the bucket. But get your network of friends going and you could send your website into social media heaven.

Stay consistent.
If you post to one social media site intensely for a few days, then abandon it for a month, you´ll lose your friends and no one will be following you. Consistently use all the social media sites on your list and you´ll gain more page views.

Social media is definitely something you want to use this year to help promote your business. It´s a powerful method of free publicity and with a good strategy that implements the points above, you should see more visitors to your business site in 2008.

Caroline Melberg
Small Business Mavericks
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