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By now you know that you should have a blog for your small business. It helps establish your reputation as an expert, provides valuable information to your readers and can help you presell your product or services. However, all that does you absolutely no good at all if no one reads your small business blog! You need SEO to help search engines find your blog posts and list them for all to see.

  • Use keywords. Your keywords should be repeated several times throughout the blog posts, at least once in the first and last paragraph and a couple of times in between.
  • Pick your titles. SEO titles should include the keyword or phrase that you are aiming to rank for, preferably at the beginning.
  • Make your links count. When you link from your business blog to your website, use anchor text. The anchor text should be your main keyword phrase.
  • Use SEO photos. Lots of people search for images, so if you include graphics and photos on your blog, be sure to add alt tags. In WordPress blogs, this is the text you are prompted to enter after giving the image URL. The alt tags should include your keywords as well.
  • Don´t use black hat SEO. Black hat refers to illegal or frowned on SEO techniques that will get you banned from search engines like Google. For small business blogs, these are definitely taboo, since you need that search engine traffic to keep coming. If you hear of shady or sneaky practices to get higher ranks, stay away. Stick to good, old-fashioned keyword placement and links and you´ll be fine.

The right SEO techniques for small business blogs can really help boost your visibility, drawing in new clients and readers. Don´t ever underestimate the power of search engine traffic.

Caroline Melberg
Small Business Mavericks
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