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Back when television made its first appearance, people claimed that radio would die out. It couldn´t hold a candle to a box that showed pictures as well as producing sound. But the radio hung in there and even now, in this age of amazing technology, we listen to the radio online. Podcasts are not radio, exactly, but they certainly offer a great opportunity for small businesses to connect with their clients.

Advantages of Small Business Podcasts

  • Give your clients another way to identify with you. A voice is far more personal than just writing.
  • Offer a hands-off medium to get your message across. People can be washing dishes or folding laundry while listening to your small business podcast.
  • Perfect for non-readers. There are plenty of people who learn better by listening, and you can cater to them with a podcast.
  • No skipping ads. If you choose to put ads in your small business podcast, it´s a lot harder to skip over them than it is if you have visual ads on your webpage!
  • Quick and easy manner of educating people about your small business. Podcasts are easier for many people to create. You might not be able to write very well, but nearly everyone can talk.

There are plenty of advantages to small business podcasts, but the most valuable is the connection you´ll make with your readers. Through your podcasts, they will get a feel for you as a person and will come to trust you far more than they would by just reading what you write.

Caroline Melberg
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