co Increase Your E-Zine List by Using Your Small Business Customer List |

Part of internet marketing involves promoting your business. E-Zine lists are a great way to start marketing your business. But first you need to get people interested in signing up for your E-Zine. Using your small business customer list to build your e-Zine list is a great place to start.

Email your current customers to let them know you are launching your first e-Zine. Keep it simple, a couple of paragraphs are fine. Don’t over sell yourself, but do let them know why they should sign up for your E-Zine.

Spike their interest by enticing them with “Something for them”, or “how unique” your E-Zine is and what makes it so different from other E-Zine articles. You might even want to include a sample of your issue or simply include the entire issue as a special promotion introducing your first E-Zine.

Make sure your give specific directions on how to sign up for future E-Zines. You can taunt your readers as to what they will be missing if they don’t sign up. Include a link in your email that takes them to a sign up form for you E-Zine. The easier it is for your customers to sign up the more likely they will.

Offer free and useful stuff that you know your audience needs and wants that you give them when they sign up. You can make it a free report, e-Book, helpful tips, or other important resource you think your reader might be interested in.

Not everyone will sign up for your E-Zine the very first time they see it, so it is important that you provide other ways for them sign up if they want to. You can do this by providing your website address on your business cards with the E-Zine information.

Make sure every page on your website has a link or a sign-up box that takes them to a form where they can sign up for your E-Zine.

Design a page on your website devoted specifically for your E-Zine.

Have a signup sheet that you carry with you so that when you are talking to your customers about your e-Zine you can sign them up then and there.

Promote your E-Zine in your emails with an signature file (small text file) that can be automatically attached to the end of email messages and place a link in your emails that takes them directly to your sign-up form.

Give other people approval to use your article as long as they give you credit for writing the E-Zine.

Submit your E-Zine to websites with databases for articles.

Exchange your E-Zine with customers who also have E-Zines as a featured guest article.

If you belong to other groups that have newsletters, be sure to mention your E-Zine and why it is valuable.

Include a free subscription to your E-Zine for current customers.

One of the most challenging tasks in building your business is marketing. With a little persistence, consistency, and by using your small business customer list to build your e-Zine list, you will be off to a great start to building a steady stream of customers.