co Email Marketing: Big Savings and Better Results |

The most obvious benefit of email marketing over direct mail is the cost. Direct mail marketing campaigns can cost upwards of $10,000, a fee that is simply not doable for small businesses. However, email marketing offers far better results for far less money.

Every small business should have a list of clients or potential clients to email, but if your list is still too small, you can always rent one. These rented email marketing lists often have a lower response rate, but are still more effective than direct marketing and more cost effective. List rental is an excellent method of growing your client base and creating further reaching email marketing campaigns.

The general response rate for direct mail is around 1%, while email marketing response rates are between 2-5%, up to 500 times better than direct mail! And for a fraction of the cost. Even with rented lists, your total should come in well under $10,000. Email marketing is the logical way to go if you own a small business.

Caroline Melberg
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