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Even if you don´t do your main business online, but have a website, pay per click advertising is the ideal way to gain more clicks and boost your business visibility. PPC for small businesses allows for careful budgeting and targeted keywords that bring in traffic specifically interested in what you do.

Pay per click advertising is a good choice for local businesses in particular. If you are looking to get people into your brick and mortar store, you can use localized keywords to bring in targeted traffic, people who are looking for your type of business in your area. The advantage of this is that most local businesses are not yet using pay per click options and you have a head start on them.

The downside of pay per click for small businesses is that you could end up wasting a lot of money if you don´t know how to select the right keyword phrases and how to set up your pay per click ad campaign. Copywriting also plays an important part in successful PPC advertising, so if you aren´t a copywriter, you´ll need some outside help. Fortunately, you don´t have to do everything yourself, I offer PPC management for small businesses, so you can just forget about the whole pay per click side of things.

Caroline Melberg
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