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Social media is something that is often overlooked by small businesses looking to get a toehold online. You can focus all you want on pay per click ads and SEO and get great results, but to really build a network of profitable relationships, your best bet is social media.

To make social media work for you, you do have to be willing to put in a little work. Rather than joining dozens of social bookmarking and networking sites, it´s best to start with just two or three and build up a good profile on those few. Actively tagging interesting webpages that you come across is super simple, as most social media sites offer bookmarking shortcuts that can be dragged directly to your Bookmarks folder or toolbar, depending on which web browser you use.

In the beginning, you´ll want to spend at least a little time each day seeking out new sites, voting on sites that other bookmarkers have marked and making those connections. If you are the first to bookmark something, the owner will often notice and go to the social media site to see who made them famous. This is when your profile comes into play. You want to have your URL in your profile, as well as a little about yourself. A blank bio section is not going to attract many people!

Social media is a very useful medium for building relationships. How are they profitable? Well, once people start joining your network, they will begin to help you out by bookmarking your website, sending waves of new traffic. If your website or blog converts as it should, you will see a rise in income, though it may take some time to build your reputation on social media sites.

Caroline Melberg
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