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In internet marketing, no man is an island (or woman, for that matter) and online networking is a vital part of marketing. Making connections online takes work, for sure, but it is one of the best ways to make sure you have those valuable business connections.

While there are many different methods of online networking, one very popular method is to join forums related to your business topic and take an active part in the community. This isn´t a one time thing, you´ll need to visit the forums of your choosing at least twice a week to stay active. Also, we are talking about making connections here, not simply dropping your URL at the end of a two sentence note.

Online networking is something that, when done effectively, can be an excellent way to build your business. Forums help build your reputation as an expert and over time, you´ll find yourself building relationships with other active users. Where this will lead, no one knows, but many a successful JV partnership has originated on a forum.

Most forums offer an internal messaging system which is ideal for online networking. When you notice that someone is frequently commenting on your questions or simply notice a particular user is savvy in an area that could be beneficial to you, you can and should contact them. Not necessarily to talk business, but just make that connection. If the relationship later turns to business, so be it.

Forums can be very useful and should not be ignored as a possibility in online networking. After all, without online networking, internet marketing wouldn´t be very effective.

Caroline Melberg
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