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SEO for small businesses is pretty much the same as for large corporations, but this is one case where bigger isn´t better. Smaller businesses actually have the advantage here because they can move faster than a company that needs to confer with all CEO´s or have a board meeting in order to make decisions.

Being able to make fast decisions is only part of the advantage that smaller businesses have. They can also enjoy the benefit of experimenting freely with different styles of SEO, without having to worry too much about drawing negative opinions or press. The ability to be creative and test new ideas in small business SEO is a huge plus.

The main problem that many small businesses have is that they are afraid to try. They mistakenly assume that a little guy can´t possibly compete in the SEO arena with major corporations. This is not true at all. With some careful keyword selection and targeted webpages, it is very possible to beat out the big dogs in the search engines and gain the majority of the traffic for your keywords.

If you are hesitating, still wondering if your small business should even attempt SEO, it´s time to stop thinking about it. You can´t succeed without some form of online advertising these days and SEO is probably your best bet for getting great traffic and good search engine rankings. Now is the time to start working on SEO for your small business.

Caroline Melberg
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