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Maybe you don’t have the typical disc jockey voice. Maybe you don’t possess the on-air personality for popular radio. Maybe you think running your own show will cost too much money.

Now, you can put all these worries aside, and start your own small business radio program. With no cost and no concerns, broadcast information about your business with ease from your own home using your computer. This emerging style of radio has a name: podcasting.

While this name sounds like an alien form of travel, podcasting offers an innovative way to reach listeners and discuss the key points of your business. Each episode of your show can be downloaded on to a computer. Listeners also have the opportunity to play your show on a personal audio player such as an iPod or mp3 player, but it is not necessary to own one of these to be a part of the podcasting world

Is this worth it? The answer is yes. If you have a computer and some sort of recording device, the only cost of making a small business radio program is your time. While podcasting is a new form of radio show, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of distributing audio information. Musicians love podcasting because it offers another outlet for their art. College professors utilize it for instructions and class lessons. Now, you can use it to help your small business reach a broader audience, and increase your sales.

Most of these free online radio programs operate with a subscription of listeners. However, this does not mean that listeners must pay for your show (this is up to you). If a listener finds the topics you discuss online of particular interest, he or she can subscribe to your broadcast. Alerts of new programs and/or immediate downloads of the show ensure that listeners know what’s going on with your business.

Still concerned about filling the role of a DJ? Relax. Whatever business you run, there are many chances to discuss product-related questions, new arrivals to the industry and other pertinent information. Rather than adhere to the strict old-fashioned model of print media, give your business another chance to grow with this innovative style of radio. Podcasting offers a more interactive way to deliver the story of your small business to the masses.

Before you begin work on your own small business radio program, check out some other podcasts and discover the wide array of programs. Take a listen to these announcers and podcasters before you decide how to build your own show. Many podcast subscribers also use blogging as a tool to relate to other members of the online community, which offers another way to promote your business. If you can create a stir of excitement among those who are interested in your business, expect your small successes to grow much larger.

The number of Internet addicts increases everyday. Why miss out on the chance to reach the millions of people looking and listening to online offerings? Today can be your first step to making radio a reality – and to using it to find new customers for your small business and grow your sales!