co Take A Diet From E-mail Spam |

It seems I’m not the only one with an aversion to spam. Two days ago I talked about search engine spam. Yesterday the topic was blog spam. Today feels like a good day for e-mail spam.

Aaron Wall knows about SEO so don’t take this lightly. The last thing in the world you want to do is spam and SEO guy like Aaron. His suggestions for, the spammer with audacity, are worth re-mentioning:

If you are reactive to blog feedback then why not be proactive in creating meaningful relationships in the community? No point putting great ideas on churn and burn sites, and no point burning relationships with leading editorial voices in your market if you are creating a longterm site.

To that I’d like to add the following suggestions:

  • If you absolutely must send out your e-mail offers today, buy or rent a list
  • Otherwise, take some time to develop relationships with the people you want to be your customer
  • Put an opt-in box on your website
  • Provide something free for an e-mail address in exchange
  • Use the double opt-in process
  • Be sure to include unsubscribe information in all of your e-mails
  • Never send out unsolicited e-mails

Not only will e-mail spam not endear you to your target market, but it could get you in trouble with the law as well. It’s really not worth the risk. needs to take a diet from spam this holiday season, and, I might add, so should you.