co Why Keywords Are Not Always The Best Words To Use |

You’ve been told over and over again how important keywords are. They’re important in your blog posts. They’re important in your e-mails. They’re important in your website content. They’re important in your titles, tags, and even in your photo and video descriptions. By golly, keywords are the shiznit!

Well, not exactly.

I mean, yes, keywords are important if you want your content to rank in the search engines. But there is one time when keywords won’t help you one bit. Are you ready? Drumroll, please.

Keywords will not help you one iota, half a smidgen, or by two shakes of a lamb’s tail when they are defined as spam.

I hate to be melodramatic, but it’s true. Whether you are writing blog post titles, website content, or e-mail subject lines, if your intended purpose is to drive traffic to your website by using keywords that are not appropriate for your content then you are just spamming the search engines and tricking people to click links. You are not only wasting their time, but you are not being effective in your online marketing. Need some examples? How about these:

  1. Balloon Your Way To Marketing Success With These Keyword Suggestions
  2. Skate On Thin Ice And Still Catch The Fish!
  3. Fly A Kite, Learn To Swim

Have any idea what these titles suggest your content is about? Obviously, the first one is an Internet marketing title trying to target the keyword “balloon.” The second example is using the keyword “skate” to attract people who want to learn how to fish. The final example is holding onto the tail of “fly a kite” to attract novice swimmers. All of these are bad ideas and will get you nowhere.

The best kind of titles are straightforward and tell readers exactly what your content is about. Yes, they use keywords, but appropriate keywords for the subject matter. In other words, if your blog post is about learning to swim then you’d be better off using keywords related to swimming than to flying a kite. Try this:

Swim Like A Shark In Just 15 Minutes A Day!

Want to teach beginning fishermen how to catch carp? Go with a title like this:

Fishing With Bait! How Carp Bite And How You Can Snag The Catch Of The Day

The idea is to attract your ideal reader. Your ideal reader is more likely to search for “carp” and “fish” than “skate” or “thin ice.” Unless you are teaching people how to fish like eskimo, leave out the ice references. If you are trying to attract people interested in skating then “skating” is a useful keyword. Otherwise, don’t ruin your banana pudding with a dash of steak sauce.