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Google statsTechCrunch ran a cool story two days ago about Google stats. It seems that iGoogle was the most popular Google product this past year. What that means is people are really getting into the personalization aspect of Google Search. So what does that mean for you?

Ask your customers if they use iGoogle. If they do then you want to reach them through that somehow. Find out what they are searching for and, better yet, find out what features they include in their iGoogle pages. iGoogle allows you to create your own widgets for your friends and customers to use on their iGoogle pages. Here’s a tip: Create a search engine for your industry and let your customers know. If you are a local business, create a local search engine and let all your customers know. You don’t even have to charge anyone in your area to include them. Just do it. Then let everyone in your community know that your search engine is available and can be used. People will not only use it but put it on their iGoogle pages as well.

When you name your search engine, be sure to give it an easy to recognize local name. But also make sure that people know that your business is the sponsor. If you let your customers know, they will let their friends know. Before you know it, the whole world (well, your little part of it any way) will beat a path to your door.

Caroline Melberg
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