co Video Sitemaps Will Help Search Engines Find Your Videos |

Yesterday, the Google Webmaster Central Blog posted that sitemaps are now available for videos. If you do any video marketing or post a lot of videos on your website then this could very well help you market your videos.

Video marketing is one of those things that is picking up speed. Video sites are popping up like crazy so the video marketing craze has begun. If you do publish videos on your website then a sitemap will help the search engines index and rank them so that your right target market finds them.

Google and the other search engines started the sitemap protocol to begin with to help webmasters notify the search engines whenever they have web pages that need to be crawled. It is perhaps one of the most important developments in search since Google introduced its back link algorithm. (That was in the 1990s, by the way.)

The video sitemap will help the search engines find your videos and index them so that they can be found by the search engines. If I were you, I’d put this sitemap right next to your XML sitemap for the website.

Caroline Melberg
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