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When it comes to small business blogging, there is no right way or wrong way. There are effective and less effective ways. And what I mean by that is you can use certain strategies in your blog that are proven and effective in helping you grow your business while ignoring such principles can cost you in the long run.

One of the things that I like to tell people about blogging is this: Post to your blog every day. Even if all you post is “Have a great day!”

There are two ways of thinking on this and I’ll tell you why I think the way I do. The first way of thinking is that quality is more important than quantity. The quality people say you don’t have to post every day as long as you post quality material because your readers are more interested in quality posts than they are frequent posts.

Unless you blog to a small niche audience, this argument doesn’t hold water. Maybe your Marine biologist friends interested only in the mating habits of California stingrays will prefer that you write infrequently and only when you discover something they didn’t already know, but if you are writing for a small business that wants to attract customers then frequent posts are better even if you don’t write your best material every day.

Of course, I’m not saying you should sacrifice quality. You don’t necessarily have to give up quality just because you practice quantity. Some bloggers I know post two or three times a day. If you have the time to do that then I’d say it’s better than posting once a day. Once a day is obviously better than once a week. The reasons why are these:

  • More frequent posts mean more chances to get indexed with the search engines because every blog post is counted as a separate web page
  • When you SEO your blog posts correctly then each blog post becomes an SEOd web page
  • By offering more chances to read your insights, your customers can pick and choose the content they want to read; they don’t have to read every post just because you write every post

It isn’t a question of quantity versus quality. It’s really a matter of making sure that you give your readers more opportunities to do business with you. If you open the doors of your automotive shop once a week you won’t get as much business as you will if you are open every day. And that’s my way of thinking.

Caroline Melberg
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