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Not many people are talking about integrated marketing. But they should be.

You might be asking, “What is integrated marketing?” Good question. Integrated marketing is taking your existing traditional marketing strategies and incorporating them with new media marketing, or online marketing. It is not only a powerful approach to marketing your small business, but it’s essential.

Small business marketing is an art as much as a science. You have the big budgets that large corporations have so you must get creative. That’s one of the benefits to marketing yourself online. Most Internet marketing strategies don’t require huge budgets. You can do a lot of the work yourself and achieve great results just by logging on and tuning in. But you don’t want to abandon any off line marketing that you may be doing. Therefore, you want to make sure your Internet marketing works with your current marketing strategy and not against it.

The Melberg Marketing Blue Chip Marketing Tips blog is designed to help you transition from traditional marketing to Internet marketing. Whereas I try to focus primarily on Internet marketing topics here at Small Business Mavericks, at I’ll show you how to integrate your online marketing with your traditional marketing for maximum effectiveness. If you read just two blogs today, let Blue Chip Marketing Tips be the other one.