co Online Branding Is Not About Cows In The Pasture |

Too many small business owners don’t take the time to think through their company branding strategy before migrating their business online. There really is no difference between online branding and off line branding. The principles are the same. The only thing different is the scenery.

In the early days, branding took its name from the farmers who would imprint their ranch logo on cow rear ends to let other farmers and ranchers know they owned those cows. That was their brand. Well, early marketers adopted the phrase to use for the purpose of business to show other companies moving in on their turf that they held ownership over a certain “brand.” It was a useful term and still is.

Branding allows you to take ownership. When you establish your brand, online or off line, you are essentially saying that you have a certain right to a product, service, or business process that no one can take from you. It’s a powerful marketing strategy because you can imprint your brand everywhere you go. Eventually, your marketing message will take off on its own and the brand will develop its own life – like teenagers in an ugly automobile. Have you established your company’s online brand yet?

Caroline Melberg
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