co Free Website Analytics Courtesy Of Google |

Every website needs a good analytics program. You need to be able to study your traffic patterns, conversions, where your traffic is coming from, what pages they visit, how long they stay on your website,and how long they stay on each page of your website. Which web analytics system you use is largely academic, but for most small business owners, Google Analytics is adequate.

If you use Google for pay per click then the Google Analytics system is a necessity. And it’s free. It won’t really help you if you use Yahoo! Search Marketing because Yahoo! has its own analytics system. But Google will do a lot for you otherwise.

All you need to start a Google Analytics account is a Google AdWords account. You don’t even have to use Google AdWords. You just have to sign up for the account then you can use Google Analytics, perhaps the most thorough analytics system online. It is at least the most thorough free analytics system available. I highly recommend it.

Caroline Melberg
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