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Viral marketing isn’t a bad thing. The name comes from marketing so good is catches on like a virus. The idea is to get a message out there that people will spread for you. That’s less effort on your part and could lead to greater results.

Viral marketing relies a great deal on word of mouth – you know, that famous “best form of marketing there is.”

There are many different ways to tap into viral marketing. Videos work real well because you can upload them in no time to websites like YouTube and thousands of people could potentially see your video. Viral videos that work well use some type of humor or are controversial in some way.

Other methods of viral marketing include podcasting, photo sharing, blogging, social bookmarking, article marketing … essentially anything that allows people not associated with your business to share information you present with little effort. The idea is to get people to notice you, not necessarily to deliver a huge message with big impact. You just want them to notice you and come to visit your website. Once they are there then they can see what you are all about. It’s like standing on a street corner with your skirt hiked up to the knee. You’ll get lots of coos and cat calls, many from prospects who will go no further (and you’ll be glad they don’t), but also from some who will be happy to do business with you and stay customers for a very long time.

Viral marketing – it’s where the bug is!

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